Source Code Review Services

Uncover Hidden Vulnerabilities With Security Code Review, An hybrid approach that uses leading edge automated tools, Cyberarch’s proprietary scripts, and source code review experts

Source Code Review Service

The source code review service can find hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and verify whether critical security controls are implemented. Cyberarch’s source code services in Estonia, Europe and the US, uses a combination of scanning tools and manual audits to detect insecure coding practices, backdoors, injection vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, insecure handling of external resources, weak encryption techniques, etc.

Source Code Review Process



The first step in reviewing secure code is to thoroughly research the application and then create a comprehensive threat profile.





Our experts study the code layout to develop a specific code reviewer plan, and use a hybrid approach to verify automatic scans and perform custom manual reviews.





Once the code is analyzed, the next step in the security code inspection process is to verify existing defects and generate reports that provide solutions.








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