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Security software, regular security assessments and strict security policies are not enough to ensure the information security of the organization. It requires well-trained and resourceful personnel to deal with the ever-changing methods of information piracy, thereby protecting the company. This recognition of several companies has led to an increase in demand for highly qualified and well-trained individuals proficient in information security who will defend their networks and make them resilient. Keeping demand and supply in mind, Cyberarch offers cyber security courses for IT professionals and supervisors.

Cyberarch Academy hopes to develop the capabilities of IT professionals at all levels by evaluating training needs based on the tasks undertaken by each information security role. We aim to develop appropriate capacity building plans to address the knowledge and skill gaps of information security professionals at all levels.

We plan to achieve this goal through a unique approach that goes beyond traditional training methods. Cyberarch Academy has a specially designed academic laboratory that can give people a real cyber security center feel. This enables students to develop their practical safety aspects, thereby training them in the actual working environment.

Our performance-oriented courses are designed to assess the ability of participants before and after taking the course. In addition, we help the respective organizations track their human capital development by providing formal reports on participant performance. These reports can be used as benchmark indicators for further development.

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All courses in Cyberarch Academy are provided by world-class lecturers who are known for their recognized expertise in their respective fields. For each training course we conduct, we will provide students with the personal information of the instructor to ensure that students understand the value of the training they receive.
Cyberarch Academy has successfully trained hundreds of information security professionals and students around the world, including professionals from law enforcement, banking and global IT organizations. We strive to provide an extraordinary return on investment for course participants. Cyber​​archAcademy also maintains successful cooperation with international training partners to leverage global expertise and assist countries in developing cybersecurity capabilities and resilience.

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