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Time has shifted from analog to digital, and the means of theft have also shifted. In the ever-evolving technological era, the flood of information is being detected every day, so it is necessary to take appropriate measures to protect information and avoid serious and deadly crimes that may occur via the Internet. Cyberarch’s digital forensics services in Estonia, Europe and the US specialise in network forensic queries that involves acquiring, saving, retrieving and displaying data that has been processed and stored on computer media as electronic evidence. These investigations require high-standard analysis that the company understands, and the international laboratory facilities available in its own laboratory will be used during the investigation.

The Area We Specialise In Under Digital Forensic:

Cyberarch’s Digital Investigation Unit has experts who deal with computer and mobile phone inspection. The team uses a very flexible approach in investigation so that it assists the client and the future developments in cyber forensics.

  • Computer Forensics: Our technicians recover Computer and electronic device evidence that support your case.Our computer forensics services in Estonia and other countries involves recovery of any type of data such as deleted files and damaged sensitive information stored in the computer system components like hard drives and memory cards. Other step that accompanies recovery is the analysis of data. The process usually finds application in criminal investigations as well as civil cases.
  • Mobile Phone Forensics: Retrieving data that are stored on mobile phones, SIM cards, PDAs and attached media.Digital forensics services specialists at Cyberarch recover and analyse such data from mobile devices like smartphones, tablet help criminal investigators to collect evidence and solve cases of device theft and other forms of crimes.
  • Cell Site Analysis: Our experts can find the geographic location of the mobile phone usage through easy-to-understand data analysis.Cell Site Analysis is an investigation process in which call records made and received in a phone, text messages received and sent and information about the internet usage for email and applications are obtained and examined to locate the address.
  • Questioned Documents: Examining handwriting and signature that are presented in a traditional form using our Digital lab.Questioned documents are defined as any document who source or origin is under investigation and requires thorough examination. The questioned document is often compared to a known standard using digital tools.
  • Imagery/ Audio Forensics: Our teams are expert in using and understanding the use of imagery and audio in the legal context. They will provide the widest range of enhancement and analytical products.The digital age of today is filled with innumerable and never ending digital files of images, audios and videos. The imagery and audio forensics thus have a great impact in courtrooms worldwide.  

As a leading digital forensic service provider, Cyberarch covers all aspects of digital forensics and has already helped extensive number of clients all over the world.

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